Our Programs

The Fellows Program

Each year, The Augustine Fellowship accepts a limited number of Georgetown students into its Fellows program. The program cultivates Christian student leaders by deepening and sharpening their understanding of the theological, historical, and philosophical roots of the Christian faith. Throughout the program, as this ecumenical group of students processes and wrestles with the curricula, they also begin to recognize the connectivity of all of life’s areas. This assists them in being spiritually formed and developing a coherent, biblical worldview. Structured around master classes, discussions, and a capstone project, the program seeks to impact Christian student leaders who will then impact the broader Georgetown community.

“The program cultivates Christian student leaders by creating engagement at the intersection of Christian faith, vocation, and scholarship.”

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The Faculty Program

One of the simplest value-adds we provide is connecting Christian scholars and staff members from the various faculties and departments of the university with one another. We do this by hosting discussions about faith’s influence upon scholarship, academic mission, and school administration. Our goal is to create a “dense network” of Christian scholars at Georgetown that will be both personally enriching and institutionally beneficial. As we learn more about the faculty and staff members’ needs, interests, and availability, we will develop other ways of serving them.